Today marks World Mental Health Day and it is the day of the culmination of the First Utility Super League Season with the Grand Final at Old Trafford

There are 5 State of Mind trustees and presenters making their way across from Hull to Manchester to mark World Mental Health Day by testing their mental fitness as well as their physical fitness by completing a challenge using hand cycles attached to wheelchairs
The Journey Team Photo
State of Mind co-founder Dr. Phil Cooper and Nurse Consultant in Mental Health and Substances Use is representing the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (main sponsor)w with Owen Cotterell (Trustee) alongside Dannny Sculthorpe, Jimmy Gittins and Will Stringer who have all experienced adversity on the Journey through life as well as across the Pennines!

The challenge has been promoting mental fitness at rugby league clubs along the Journey across from Hull at Sharlston Rovers, Thornhill Trojans, Waterhead and Thatto Heath Crusaders prior to arriving at Old Trafford later today

Widnes SOM (6)

The challenge is raising money for the Steve Prescott Foundation in honour of the great man who was extremely mentally fit and his example has inspired many people to challenge themselves to achieve things they never would have thought possible.

State of Mind would like to thank the RFL and RL Cares for their support over the past few years in supporting State of MInd as well as supporting players through the engagement of Sporting Chance clinic to support players and have been breaking down the stigma of mental health and promoting mental fitness at every opportunity