Simon Barber who is the North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive and State of Mind patron is beginning his 40/120 Challenge on Monday 10th May to mark the beginning of Mental Health awareness week

The 40/120 challenge highlights the number of people every year who take their own life around the world. 800,000 people around the world take their own life or one person every 40 seconds and 120 deaths in every 80 minutes rugby match played.

You can try your own version of the 40/120 Challenge in any way that suits your ability so 40 steps around the garden in 120 minutes or 40 times up and down stairs in 120 minutes or any version that works for you.

Simon is embarking on completing a 40 miles walking around Hollins Park Hospital WA2 8WA in 120 hours (5 Days)

If you wish to donate then please donate here

State of Mind would like to thank Simon for his time and efforts and the North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust for allowing the challenge to take place on the grounds of the hospital