A unique project using skin camouflage to cover the scars of people who have cut themselves in the past has began in 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and could this be applied to scars from playing rugby league?

The exciting project was first piloted in May 2012 with young service users at our Helping Hands clinic in Wigan, where the young people were taught how to use special medical skin camouflage to cover their self-harm scars.

This resulted in a partnership with Changing Faces – a registered charity which has helped tens of thousands of people with facial disfigurements cover their scars using special camouflage creams.Skin Camouflage picture

The Skin Camouflage Service, which aims to help people with self-harm scars improve their self-confidence and raise awareness of the role medical camouflage creams can play in recovery, is the first time medical camouflage creams have been used in a mental health setting as part of a mental health care recovery package.

I wonder how many rugby league players or former players have scars from playing that impact on their self-confidence

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