Steve and Velveta Thompson were back in the recording studios at 80 Hertz studios in Manchester to complete the individual singers performances in readiness for the release of the State of Mind Choir track ‘We Are United’ written by Steve and Graham from Beracah Music Ministries International

George from 80 Hertz studio and Steve Thompson from Beracah Music Ministries International

The session was a follow on from the recordings with singers from across the country and from State of Mind Sport and the original rugby league choir

The remaining solo parts are being recorded in London courtesy of Beracah Ministries International and we cannot wait for the finished creation!!!

The recordings were all filmed to there will be a film to accompany the single when it is released in the build up to the Rugby League World Cup in October 2022

The song is written to support people getting back together to sing in unison as part of a choir or on the terraces of a rugby match to help to counter loneliness and help to improve people’s mental fitness