SOM Talks Podcast is back!

Refereeing, resilience & respect. The first podcast will feature current Super League rugby league referee Liam Moore check out the trailer below

Leading Super League referee Liam Moore has opened up on the mental strength required to perform at the elite level, disclosing his own toughest moments and the methods he and the RFL match officials use to deal with abuse.

In the first episode of an exclusive new podcast series from the mental fitness charity State of Mind Sport, the World Club Challenge referee discusses the reality of life in the spotlight for one of sport’s most maligned professions, and reveals how the team of match officials support each other on and off the pitch.

 Moore tells host George Riley how finding refereeing gave him a purpose, and explains how he is able to thrive in a profession that comes with incessant abuse both in person and online.

 “You have got to be pretty mentally strong to shut noise out,” says Moore.

 “It is very rare that people are going to actually congratulate referees, praise referees. I don’t go looking for that.  I just try to keep away from the noise. The people who review the games in the match officials department – it is their opinion that really matters. You just have to park the noise and that comes with experience and being round the block a bit – understanding how to switch off and go again.

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SOM Talks Referees | Ep#1 Liam Moore
SOM Talks · 15 April 2024