State of Mind Sport are launching the 2022 40/120 Challenge at the St. Helens 10km race om March 6th

Phill Jukes, Mike Caulfield. Owen Cotterell, Danny Sculthorpe, Jimmy Gittins, Ian Smith, Phil Veivers and Ryan Davenport and so many others were notable fundraisers in last years inaugural challenge

State of Mind have purchased 20 places for State of Mind runners to begin this years challenge at the St. Helens 10k on March 6th

What is the 40/120 Challenge?

The purpose of the 40/120 challenge is to highlight the numbers of people every year who take their own life around the world.

In 2020 there were approximately 800,000 people around the world who took their own life and this means that one person every 40 seconds took their own life. State of Mind’s roots are based in rugby league and union and during any game of rugby there will be 120 people around the world who take their own life. Check out Owen Cotterells challenge from 2021 here

That is why the 40 (one person taking their own life every 40 seconds) 120 (number of people taking their own life during every 80- minute rugby game) challenge is being attempted.

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There are a number of ways you can attempt this challenge to suit your own limits to raise money for State of Mind Sport

1. 40 hours walking /running / cycling 120 miles
2. 40 hours walking /running / cycling 120 kilometres (75 miles)
3. 40 days to walk 120 miles / km (3 miles / 5km or 3km per day)
4. 40 miles walking / running / cycling in 120 hours (5 days)
5. 40 Walks up and down the stairs in 120 hours (5 Days)

You can mix and match as many variations of 40/120 to suit your own needs and we aim to use Mental Health Awareness week 10th-16th May as the focus but you can start whenever you like.

We will create 20 – 40/120 tee shirts for the runners and we ask if you can raise between £40 – £120 for State of Mind Sport using the following just giving link

If you would like to one of the first 20 then email and we will contact you to join the team or tell us what you are going to do and put it on the website, if that suits you?