State of Mind are working with the RFL and 1eagu3 to support players and visited the London Broncos training facilities at Roehampton last Monday to explore some of the results of the recent State of Mind player survey

Ernie Benbow from 1eagu3 can be seen before the session where he discussed the progress of the players association in its first year

State of Mind 307

A session was provided by State of Mind to discuss the results and how State of Mind can support players alongside the RFL with issues relating to family and playing pressures, stress and anxiety and managing money. Contracts and worries about injuries were high on the agenda for full-time rugby league players

Luke Dorn can be seen supporting the work of State of Mind by wearing the tee-shirtState of Mind 308

State of Mind are planning to devise a series of leaflets later this year based around rugby league that address some of the issues that all rugby league players and supporters may face

State of Mind would like to wish the Broncos all the very best for the new season and thank them for the warm welcome in Roehampton on Monday