RFL president Tony Adams is pleased to see the Dons actively promoting the importance of mental health in the sport of rugby league.

The game against London Skolars this weekend will be the Dons’ annual charity match for State of Mind and Sporting Chance, with funds raised during the day while activities take place. Former Super League referee and State of Mind Presenter Ian Smith will be joined by Dr. Clair Carson the new chair of State of Mind at the game so come and say hello and pick up a freebie or two to help keep you mentally fit

Adams said: “As men we think we’re tough and can do everything, I want to make it known that to ask for help is a strength and then knowing from personal experience that I’m better for it.

“State of Mind are an awareness campaign and charity and we are a service provider, it’s great that we can both reach out to the people in the stands and try to get them on board.

“We’ve looked after more than 400 players over the past eight years and that work will continue to happen in the future.”

After a distinguished footballing career, Adams is looking forward to working in a different sport after his appointment at the Rugby Football League.

He added: “The main reason for me being keen to take on the role of RFL president is the relationship between the sport and the Sporting Chance clinic.

“The RFL came on board in 2011 and have been really good to work with, they care about their players both current and past.

“There are a lot of similarities between football and rugby league, sometimes we get our esteem from what we do rather than who we are. Once your taken out of that environment it can become difficult because you’re not used to it so it’s about asking for the help which is there.”