State of Mind Sport were recently invited in to present a number of sessions to the residents of HMP Doncaster

The feedback from the session was extremely positive and we have included some of that feedback below

The sessions were delivered at HMP Doncaster during March and April 2023.

The sessions looked at different strategies of dealing with issues and challenges in life, delivered by professionals with lived experience.

As part of the course, participants were asked to complete an evaluate form upon completion to try and quantify their experiences of the course. The evaluation form consisted of 3 questions; Can you rate your awareness of mental fitness before this session (1-10), Can you rate your awareness of mental fitness after this session (1-10) and would you like to make any comments about the session.

Before the session the average score of awareness was 6. Upon completion of the session the average awareness score had increased by 30% to 9.

From the session there were a variety of comments, all of which were positive. Some of the key comments included.

• Interesting
• Inspiring
• Great help
• Insightful
• Need more of this
• Made me think more
• Will help a lot of people
• Appreciate it
• Beneficial
• Easy to understand
• Great presenters
• Loved the honesty

Massive thanks for everyone at HMP Doncaster that attended and those who made the sessions happen