State of Mind were delighted to have the opportunity to come to the club last week

The Mental Health Awareness Workshop at the rugby club was hosted by 2 ex-professional rugby league players (Danny Sculthorpe & Phil Veivers) who shared their stories of dealing with depression, mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. The focus for the rugby club is to encourage anyone, but especially men to get help, talk about their problems, and to not feel alone, so for those who couldn’t attend last night here is a bit of a recap.

There are as many men as women dealing with mental health issues in the UK, but women are more likely to chat to friends and family, or go to the doctors. Every day in the UK, 13 men and 5 women commit suicide, so it’s a serious issue that affects many families.

They mentioned how we all feel anxious at times… worried, under pressure etc. Danny explained the deep breathing technique to lower your heart rate, which can also be used to help induce sleep too.

Breath in for 4 …. Hold for 5 … Breathe out for 6 …
Try it a few times, it will be hard at first but keep practicing it and it will help in situations that you feel anxious (maybe before a game), overwhelmed or out of control.

Here are some key signs that your mental health could be suffering:

– Little interest or pleasure doing things
– Feeling down, depressed or helpless
– Trouble sleeping or falling asleep/sleeping too much
– Feeling bad about yourself, feel you let people down
– Trouble concentrating
– Poor appetite or eating too much
– Feeling you’d be better off dead or what to hurt yourself in some way

If you were physically injured you would go to the doctors, go for an x-ray, and get treatment … so it’s really important to treat your mental health the same as your physical health, and seek help.

Remember that we have all been under extreme pressures for the last 18 months due to the pandemic (Isolation, panic/fear, job security, financial worries, fears for the future, anxiety about the whole situation) but we can only “Control what you can Control”, try not to become overwhelmed.

It’s important for everyone to:

Keep in Touch
Help a mate
Pick one positive each day
Keep active
Accept who you are

Don’t be alone … and remember it’s good to talk.

If you see a mate heading in the wrong direction make sure you reach out and start the conversation.

Big thanks to Danny Sculthorpe and Phil Veivers from State of Mind Sport for running the Mental Health Workshop at the club tonight.

A really interesting and informative session with plenty of takeaways to promote mental fitness

If you would like more information about the club please click on the link here