State of Mind have been invited to deliver the award winning education session to students at University College Cork this afternoon

Dr. Martin Lawlor has been instrumental in arranging the session to Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) students based in Cork University with a view to using State of Mind across Ireland Cork University Meeting

Martin can be seen on the far right of the picture taken earlier this year

State of Mind presenters Danny Sculthorpe, Jimmy Gittins and Will stringer were invited following the fantastically successful University of Central Lancashire State of Mind event last month

The sessions will take place in the afternoon and the presenters will find themselves ion Cork overnight to find an establishment showing Warrington v Wigan game tonight!Cork City Hall State of Mind

State of Mind would like to thank the University profusely for the invite and opportunity and any students who attend today will find support services in the University and across Ireland by accessing our ‘In Your Area’ section under Cork University