State of Mind have been invited to deliver multiple sessions to the residents of HMP Doncaster

The sessions have been receiving amazing feedback and presenters George Riley, Danielle Titterington, Jo Phillips, Ian Smith and Jimmy Gittins have all been part of the delivery team

HMP Doncaster is a category B local resettlement prison situated in South Yorkshire, operated by Serco.
Doncaster houses a male population of up to 1145 individuals, approximately 200 of whom are young offenders aged 18-20.

As a resettlement prison we work with our prisoners, particularly those serving less than 12-months, to ensure that they have the support they need for resettlement as well as access to the services and support available to them after release. The majority of our prisoners are released back into South Yorkshire.

Most of our population comes from the local South Yorkshire area, particularly Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley. HMP Doncaster also houses young offenders from West Yorkshire.

We would like to thank all the staff led by Stephen Phillips for the opportunity and wish everyone all the very best wishes