The Cardiff Blues Brothers take Mental Health seriously.

The Cardiff Blues Brothers take Mental Health seriously. Our personal experiences, life events and day to day activities have shaped our passion and commitment to break the stigma around mental health. We know too well that families have lost loved ones due to men not talking about feelings and emotions. We are a brotherhood, where everyone is accepted, and everyone is free to talk about whatever may be on their mind.

We are delighted to partner with State of Mind. First established in UK Super League in 2011, State of Mind Sport is now a much-loved national charity and international movement delivering its message across rugby league, rugby union, multiple other sports, age groups and territories. It was established with the aim of improving the mental health, wellbeing and working life of rugby league players and communities, following tragic death of Terry Newton. State of Mind aim to get people talking about mental health.

State of Mind Sport is a charity that harnesses the power of sport to promote positive mental health amongst sportsmen and women, fans, and wider communities, and ultimately to prevent suicide. State of Mind raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and well-being and deliver education on the subject to all levels of sport, business, education and community groups. State of mind signpost individuals to where they can receive care and support in their area.

Working with State of Mind, The Cardiff Blues Brothers will develop workshops, deliver projects and provide practical support for those suffering from Mental Health problems. We aim to use Rugby as a tool to help those that need support in our community.

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