Joe Poxon a sports psychology student was inspired to write a poem after hearing about the State of Mind campaign, this is a first for our website and thanks to Joe for sending the poem to usO2 Think Big 4

State of Mind

At times like a labyrinth;
The mind is a complex thing
It’s so hard to get out,
making it easy to be trapped in.

Life always seems dark
though you are searching for hope.
Making it so hard to bear,
making it so hard to cope.

You start to feel alone;
and having these thoughts in succession
Makes you feel low
as you sink into a state of depression.

You search for a way out
of the misery you are going through.
Alcohol and Drugs
are often what you turn to.

This gradually builds
as worse thoughts cross your mind.
Abuse or self harm;
and many others of that kind.

Well know this now
That you are NOT alone
as others have been through this
and come out on their own.

Many people ignore it;
To some it’s a social taboo.
But this is a serious issue
which we need to work through.

So don’t just assume
that everything is just plain.
As people hide their troubles
and they hide away their pain.

There’s always someone
trying to help with this needy cause
So contemplate it!
State of Mind: what’s yours?

A poem by Joe Poxon inspired by State of Mind