State of Mind joined Time to Change’s campaign to talk about mental health as you would about a physical health issue in The White Rose Centre in Leeds last Saturday

The day began early as State of Mind presenters Steve and Danny ventured across the Pennines and met up with Marvin and Jimmy and the Time to Change crew Tome to Change Leeds

There were loads of conversations as part of the Time to Talk campaign run nationally and Leeds Rhinos mascot Ronnie joined in the conversations around the White Rose CentreTime to change Leeds pledge

Pledges were made about how people can improve their mental fitness or talk about how they feel to keep mentally fit throughout the year

The messages were helped by giving out free rugby stress balls and State of Mind drinks bottles throughout the morningTime to change Leeds Marvin and Steve

It was Marvin Golden’s debut for State of Mind and the former Leeds Rhinos player was outstanding and we look forward to the next session he joins

Check out the Time to Change website for information