State of Mind presenters and former player Jimmy Gittins will be appearing on Sky Sport’s Super League Super men tonight at 19:00 before the live Super League clash tonight on Sky Sports 1

The programme will feature Jimmy’s amazing story of positivity and return from a “bit of a knock” playing rugby to achieving some outstanding achievements
Cork 8

Jimmy has been presenting with State of Mind over the past two years and building his own skills and getting involved with the Steve Prescott Foundation ( challenges to prove the ideal that the body can achieve what the mind believes!

The programme will feature a recently premiered film about Jimmy’s life produced by Mocha TV ( in Liverpool who have been great supporters of the State of Mind campaign

Jimmy has received great support from the Rugby League Benevolent Fund under the wings of Rugby League Cares ( we already know that Jimmy’s story is compulsive viewing so make sure you access the show tonight if you can