UK Suicide Strategy Launched

Middle-aged men are now the group at highest risk of taking their own lives in England, statistics reveal. Key reasons could be job or money worries due to the recession, says a new government strategy to reduce the number of suicides. Suicide rates among young men – previously the most at-risk group – have  fallen. There was a total of 4,215 suicides recorded in 2010.

Charities said better support was key to cutting rates further. It is 10 years since the government published its last strategy to tackle suicide rates. Overall the rate of suicides has fallen – but there has been a slight increase in recent years.

The strategy says the current economic problems are likely to have a bearing on rates. particularly in middle-aged men.

“Previously, periods of high unemployment or severe economic problems have had an adverse effect on the mental health of the population and have been associated with higher rates of suicide,” it stated. “Evidence is emerging of an impact of the current recession on suicides in affected countries.”

State of Mind aims to build mental fitness and resilience and to encourage people to help a mate if they need support

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