University of Central Lancashire hosted an event with State of Mind last week at the superb Greenbank Building in Preston

The first session included a panel of former athletes discussing the pressures they faced in their careers including Brian Carney, Terry O’Connor and Phil Veivers from rugby league as players and Phil subsequently as a coachUCLamn team shot

Adam Little unbeaten welterweight boxer (Hatton Promotions) and former UCLan student spoke about his focus in boxing and how an individual sport may differ from the team sports in terms of support. Andy Brownrigg (former Norwich City footballer) spoke about the pressures he faced when playing and after finishing his football career.

The students then split into groups to discuss the pressures of coaching in the future and how they may deal with stressors for the future.

The day ended with the State of Mind team (Danny Sculthorpe, Jimmy Gittins, Will Stringer and Ste McCann presenting the award winning State of Mind education session that featured the latest State of Mind film of Jimmy Gittins who will feature on Super League Supermen this Thursday evening on Sky Sports

The session as attended by over 100 people and was an outstanding success and State of Mind look forward to working alongside UCLan again in the future