The Westgate Wolves Rugby League team hosted a State of Mind player session on Tuesday this week in WakefieldState of Mind 357

Keith Clarkson arranged the session and we are eternally grateful to Keith for giving us the opportunity to present in the clubhouse.

Joe Whitely, a journalism student joined the session as he nears the completion of this degree studies wuith a focus on the State of Mind project. Joe is currently on placement one day per week at the Huddersfield Giants and can be seen here with Keith outside the clubhouse before the session

State of Mind 361
The new State of Mind waterbottles were premiered last night and a set donated to Westgate Wolves and one can be seen with Jimmy Gittins in the background (a man who got there later than the presenters who came from the North West!)

Jimmy was in fine form last night alongside Will Stringer and the feedback from all those who attended has been really positive.State of Mind 360

State of Mind would like to wish the Westgate Wolves coaches and players all the best for the rest of the season and thank them for a very warm welcome!