We are a group of four runners, who have met through the community of
Instagram; and share a common passion for the cause of raising awareness for mental illness.

The #whatifirunwithyou campaign on Instagram.
Whatif ir un wth you

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th February we instigated, via social media people running or walking a distance of their choice, for the common cause of raising awareness of Mental Health.

There were people involved from as far away as Australia, Mexico and the USA, which was mind blowing. We encouraged people to wear a white shirt with the hashtag on, and to add the names of those the knew who are struggling and needed support, so that we could literally run with and for them. People also wrote names on their hands, or on paper they carried in their pockets.

We have been in awe of the response from the Instagram community, and the movement has reached a huge number of people (Over 300,000) in such a short space of time and there have been reposts nearly 1000 times. The bravery of individuals sharing their personal experiences, and the amazing level of support and understanding from the community is totally humbling.

We are four individuals with a passion for raising awareness of mental
health; and try to signpost people to help and support

Our passions and desires are for raising awareness of Mental Health, especially helping in any way to remove the stigma associated with speaking out about mental health, and struggles people may have in saying “I’m not okay”.

We want to help people to realise that not being okay, IS OKAY and whilst we can’t take away the feelings we can run alongside you, supporting and be there through it.