Warrington have unveiled their Wire2Wolves heritage wall, plotting the history of the club from the clubs inception in 1876 to last season’s Challenge Cup victory.

The project has been led by Neil Kelly and the team at The Wolves Foundation and provides supporters with some great memories of times and teams gone by and will be a great asset to the clubs foundation projects. A list of all players who have ever played for Warrington are listed with heritage numbers and will be immortalised on the wall for generations to come.State of Mind 362

The Sports Memories Network were present who do some fantastic work in collating sports fans memories and use them to improve people’s lives when they get older providing a support network and triggering happy memories about important sporting moments in your life. What’s your favourite rugby memory? The one moment that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end when you think back on it?

Maybe it was meeting your idol and discovering that they were everything you hoped they would be. Perhaps it was a special game or try that you can still see when you close your eyes. Maybe it was something more personal. Sometimes it’s not about what you are watching, but who you are watching it with. Maybe the match you most remember is one you scored in yourself.

Think of all the bookmarks in the story of your life as a Rugby fan. Flick through them all, pick your favourite … then tell us all about it. http://rugby.sportingmemories.org/

SLTV caught up with club legends Alastair Brindle, John Bevan, Mike Nicholas, current players Lee Briers and Adrian Morley as well as Neil Kelly of the Wolves Foundation www.superleague.co.uk/article/27495/sltv-wolves-history-on-the