Woolston Rovers have joined forces with o2 as part of a campaign to keep kids safe when using technology.

In 2015, O2 announced a partnership with children’s charity NSPCC which includes a free dedicated helpline for online safety questions about tech such as phones, tablets, broadband, and games consoles.
Woolston Rovers
As a community club, Woolston Rovers know what happens off the pitch is as important as what happens on the pitch, and as the rise in tech purchases continue each year the club have secured the backing of o2 staff to help them to support the families of Woolston Rovers.

Jo Challoner from o2 commented: “Whilst our colleagues at NSPCC continue to enhance their offering through the schools network, o2 are working directly with community groups to help parents to keep their kids safe in an online world.

“Woolston Rovers share our passion and commitment to help our communities to live better lives – that’s why O2 has joined forces with NSPCC. “We want families to talk about their child’s online world, just as they would talk about their day at school.

We want to bring families together so they can explore, create and play safely online.” Rovers Club Secretary, Nikki Whalley, who is also the Club Welfare Officer along with

Sarah Bramhall said: “As parents, we like to think that we know what our kids get up to when they are online, but the chances are we might not. “There are a world of websites and apps that our kids use and enjoy, so this isn’t about taking away the phones and tablets, but about us making sure that the technology in our homes is set up so they are enjoying it safely. “It is great to see these two big names supporting local communities, and we are absolutely delighted that o2 will be working with our club over the coming months.”

For more information please visit www.o2.co.uk/help/nspcc or call the o2 Online Safety Helpline free on 0808 800 5002 (available to customers on all mobile networks).