World Sports Team is the charity for all sportspeople and together we can make a positive difference to the lives of fellow sports people. World-Sports-Team-Logo-300x124

We are committed to providing exemplary support to any person who suffers catastrophic injury while playing sport.

We want your help in bringing World Sports Team to the world. You, your team-mates and friends are members of so many teams – World Sports Team will be an extra special
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We have had an amazing response from the sports community with leading names in sport joining World Sports Team. From World Cup winners to Grand Slam heroes, from Sports Internationals to All Ireland Champions, sportspeople, across all sports and at all levels are participating in a real yet simple way to our work catch us on facebook WorldSportsTeam

Our focus is creating this global sports network of all sportspeople so that when one of us, or a family member, a school friend, or a fellow club member suffers a catastrophic injury playing sport, there will be a global network available to support the individual in question.SOM Australia


My cousin suffered a catastrophic C1 complete rugby injury and I do not want any family have to go through what we did.

Eamonn Sayers World Sports Team