Confronting suicide head-on: suicide prevention day 2020

The 10 September 2020 marks 17 years of World Suicide Prevention Day. This day observes the commitment to remove the social stigma that surrounds discussions on suicide

For people who are feeling vulnerable or distressed, having a strong sense of connection is an important part of suicide prevention. Connection can come in many forms: we can connect with friends and family, have connections through activities, or with nature and the arts.

Being distracted from suicidal thoughts and engaging in activities to take time away from the difficulties can also help to lift the mood for those with suicidal thoughts at whatever level or intensity. For those of us not feeling distressed, being able to make connections with someone we think may be struggling, to give someone the opportunity to share with us how they are feeling, can really help. There are a number of practical guides that can be accessed from our website that explores how to help with a range of different issues

Covid-19 has affected us all in different ways and brought new or increased challenges for many. But there has also been a positive impact of new connections, often with neighbours and within communities. We hope that exploring connection on this World Suicide Prevention Day will help us all think about how we can reach out and offer connection, helping ourselves and others who may be struggling.

Tips to stay well can be found here

A range of support is always available and you can have a look at here if you know anyone who may be struggling today